About us

When we founded this company, our conviction was
"The vortex makes the differenceď

It was just by chance that we came across vortex research in our environment and were completely fascinated by the possibilities these offered.

A hundred years ago,
the Austrian natural scientist Viktor Schauberger (1885 - 1958) began his research on vortices. He discovered that some of the properties of water change when water is flowed through a vortex. These were many observed changes in the flow behaviour, load capacity and temperature. He developed spiral tubes to create the vortices, basing these on the "whorls" of antilope horns. Using the knowledge gained by his research into whirling techniques, he built a so-called "noble water extraction device", which at the time did not lead to any immediate economic success. However, his idea to activate water through turbulence building was firmly positioned in the world.

And also today....
again research on vortex flows in water was continued. In the course of further tests and research, the idea of using whirling technology for water purification was born. Instead of using Viktor Schaubergerís spiral pipes, a vortex chamber was developed which allowed vortex speeds of well above 100,000 revolutions per minute.

The water "breathes"....
with the creation of an almost absolute vacuum in this vortex chamber, the water is almost completely 'de-gased'. One could almost imagine that the water actually "breathes out".
Freed of these gases, the water is able to unleash its full binding powers again, allowing it to absorb oxygen and even oil and fulfil its function as a detoxifier in an enhanced manner. This is what we understand by water activation.

Van der Waals forces...
are the forces with which water binds gases and, after being conducted through a vortex, is even able to bind oil. These are electrostatic charges that produce water molecules on the basis of their dipole characteristics. By means of this vortex, whose vacuum forces are stronger than the electrostatic forces of the water molecules, they are freed from the adhering substances (gas).

Water, softer than rain
The results of the vortex research were first implemented in the development of a shower head. The RainMaxx water bubbles are created in a truly ingenious manner: A vortex chamber generates a clockwise water vortex that flows through the entire shower head. This vortex vitalizes the water, inhaling in large amounts of air through its vacuum effect and continuously forms thousands of water bubbles. This forces the bubbles into a rotation in such a way that they do not burst in the air. Every second, about 10,000 water bubbles flow out of the RainMaxx shower head. This results in no shampoo or residue remaining in the hair - despite the low water consumption.

The next idea to be implemented was to have the vortex chamber to blend in oil and develop a device for any shower which would allow the flow-through creation of a lavish spa emulsion for the whole body while taking a shower. This is how the WhirlMaxx was created as a Spa@Home device. Easy to install and easy to operate at the push of a button.

Building a brand is difficult, because there has never been such a device before. The ingenious properties are difficult to believe - until, yes, until you actually use and really feel it yourself for the first time. Only then does it become clear how wonderfully unique this feeling is - and to enjoy perfect care from head to toe at the push of a button.

The fascinating thing is that you use only the finest of eco-certified oils, and these are blended in the minute you use it. This "just in time" manufacturing of this lavish body care lotion has an outstanding advantage. There is no need for any chemical emulsifiers, artificial stabilizers or any preservatives at all - a higher degree of pure organic cosmetics is just not possible!
We are proud to be able to provide you with the purest, natural, organic and genuine ingredients for your personal hygiene. Just-in-time emulsifying makes all industrially produced creams and lotions superfluous.

With InnMaxx we have the opportunity to live these highest standards. It remains our passion to create the purest and most natural care and to support the growth of this brand.

We try to create the best products that positively enhance your life experience - offering the purest nature in the world of beauty care. InnMaxx is committed to combining function, design, authenticity and ecological care. We believe strongly that, if we are unforgiving in every detail, there will always be those few who will recognize this dedication.

We continue working hard on our mission statement. Our ambition targets are set very high. Yet somehow, against all odds and despite contrary advice, we believe we can do even better. It is this seemingly unfeasible desire drives us to serve you to an even higher degree.

Patrick & Karl-Heinz Ehelechner